Researchers, Professors and Engineers
Name First Name Title Email
Auffray Jean Pierre MD, PhD
Barthelemy Pierre MD, PhD
Boussuges Alain MD, PhD
Bruzzese Laurie PhD Student
Chaumet Guillaume PhD
Coste Olivier MD, PhD
Coulange Mathieu MD, PhD
Deharo Jean Claude MD, PhD
Delliaux Stéphane MD, PhD
Durand Gorde Josée Engineer
Fenouillet Emmanuel PhD
Fournier Nathalie MD
Franceschi Frederic PhD
Fromonot Julien PhD Student
Gariboldi Vlad MD, PhD
Guieu Régis MD, PhD and Director
Incagnoli Pascal MD
Jammes Yves MD, PhD
Joulia Fabrice PhD
Kerbaul François MD, PhD
Michelet Pierre MD, PhD
Lejeune Pierre Jean MD, PhD
Mottola Giovanna MD, PhD
Rabat Arnaud PhD
Rostain Jean-Claude PhD
Ruf Jean PhD
Steinberg Jean Guillaume PhD
Non-research people
Name First Name Title Email
Adjirou Nabil Technician
Condo Jocelyne Technician
Criado Christine Administrative Manager
Giloux Pierrette Technician
Kipson Nathalie Technician
Ravailhe Sylvie Technician