About Us

We are interested in dysoxia and inflammation, at the molecular, cellular and integrative levels using a variety of experimental approaches and pathophysiological models. We examine the influence of hypoxia, ischemia, or conversely hyperoxia, as well as the effect of and inflammation on the purinergic system and cell signaling (Jean Ruf team, D Gorde, L Bruzzese, PJ Lejeune). Special attention is given to diagnostic and prognostic value of monitoring adenosine metabolism in patients (Emmanuel Fenouillet with, Régis Guieu, L Née, J Fromonot). This group is also interested in the influence of dysoxia on exofacial protein expression. We also study the influence of dysoxia and exercise-induced oxidative stress with or without fatigue, on the neuromuscular junction in animal and human models (Yves Jammes team). Alain Boussuges (IRBA) and colleagues (Fabrice Joullia, Pierre Barthelemy and Mathieu Coulange), investigate in human the cardiovascular response to diving in human, notably the response of the cardiovascular system to hyperoxia, apnea, and high pressure conditions. Physiological and mental fatigue processes are addressed by Stéphane Delliaux and Guillaume Chaumet via both experimental and clinical investigations.

Our laboratory is also involved in numerous clinical investigations. Jean Claude Deharo and co-workers (F Franceschi, R Guieu, J Condo, N Kipson) study the role of the adenosinergic system in cardiac arrhythmia, (e.g., neurocardiogenic syncope and atrial fibrillation). For this work we have collaborations with M Brignole, Menozzi V, Devoto G, Marre V (Lavagna Italia), A Moya (Barcelone Spain)

The team of François Kerbaul and V Gariboldi examines the impact of cardiovascular bypass during cardiac surgery, on the inflammatory and adenosinergic response. Jean Pierre Auffray and Pierre Michelet investigate the early response to tissular hypoxia using critical care and emergency models. Finally, Arnaud Rabat and Olivier Coste (IRBA) study the cognitive disturbance occurring during prolonged awakening and mental fatigue, which is a crucial problem in military forces.